Recent News

New Types of Ground Leases

Notwithstanding more than thirty-five years of involvement with land leases, the last two years have introduced ADK&A to four new land uses for which ADK&A has consulted, sometimes to lessees and sometimes to landowners. Most recently ADK&A was engaged by a large national property investor to review and assist on a ground lease for a proposed large data center representing a development investment of $200 million. Proceeding from the large and very technical to something quite different, ADK&A is currently involved in the modification and/or buyout of a ground lease for a paint ball park in Los Angeles County.   Other land uses recently added to ADK&A’s portfolio include ground leases for an RV park in San Luis Obispo County and an auto rental center near LAX

Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District

ADK&A continues to consult to the district on a major lease extension for the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Monica adjacent to Santa Monica High School. The extension and lease amendment will, if approved provide for both the upgrading and the unionization of the existing hotel and a potential future major expansion.

Economic & Planning Systems, Inc.

ADK&A continues to collaborate with EPS, a land use economics consultancy with offices in Oakland, Sacramento, Denver, and Los Angeles, on a variety of assignments which combine ADK&A transaction skills, with EPS’ complementary skills in real estate economics with a particular focus on area-wide studies and fiscal impact analysis.