Financial Feasibility Analysis

ADK&A prepares development feasibility analyses to obtain both public and private financing for real estate projects. These services can include the following elements:

  • Market analysis
  • Pro Forma Preparation And Evaluation
  • Residual Analysis
  • Land Use Optimization

We prepare and evaluate project pro formas to compare cash flows and return-on-investment measures to rank alternative courses of action. ADK&A uses comprehensive sensitivity analyses to identify and assess opportunities or risks not readily apparent in the initial development concept. This capability includes applications to the full range of real estate development and investment. We have created detailed projections for large-scale community developments; numerous large urban mixed-use projects; and a full range of retail, office, hotel and industrial projects.

Selected ADK&A Projects in Financial Feasibility Analysis:

  • Catellus Development Corporation retained ADK&A to develop a complex financial feasibility and fiscal impact model in conjunction with their proposed multi‑phase mixed‑use redevelopment of a 35 acre railroad yard adjacent to downtown Santa Fe.